Water Repairs

pic_7Water not coming out of your faucet does not always mean that your well is dry. One of the most common well services that Fideldy Bros Well Drilling provides is water and pump repair.

Some of the symptoms and their causes may give you a hint as to the problem you are experiencing. These are only possible reasons for problems, not definitive answers to your issue.

Problem: No Water

Cause: Pump is not working. This is the number 1 water repair service that Fideldy Bros performs. There are many reason why the pump may not be working.

Problem: No Water

Cause: Pressure switch. The pressure switch is a simple mechanical item that reads the water pressure in your system. Usually these are set at 30/50 or 40/60.  The switch tells the pump to turn on at 30 lbs of pressure and turn off at 50 lbs of pressure (or on at 40/off at 60).

Problem: Pump is either on or off instantly when using water instead of running for a period after use.

Cause: Tear in the Pump Bladder within the pressure tank. When the expansion chamber within the pressure tank is  in good working order your pump will run for a period of time after water is used.  It allows the pump to fill the tank then use the fill. The pump then refills the bladder in the tank, maintaining  50% air / 50% water balance. When the pump bladder tears, the tank will have no expansion area and will need to be replaced.

Problem: Pump turning on and off when water isn’t being used.

Cause: Older well systems may nave steel piping in the well. These pipes can get leaks in them causing the pump to run, turning on and off even when you are not using water.

Fideldy Bros Well Drilling has solution to these and many other water well problems. We have the experience you need to repair your well’s problems.