New Home Well Inspection

under_constructionWhen you are purchasing your dream home you don’t want to move in only to find yourself in a house of horrors or a money pit. In this region of lakes, rivers, and water all around it is easy to assume that you will have plenty of good, clean water in whatever property you buy. By having the water system of your prospective new home inspected, you are insuring that you will have not have a sudden plumbing surprise within days of moving in.

While a standard home inspection will tell you that the water and sewer or septic is in working order, a Fideldy Bros new home well inspection will go through your water system looking at the condition of your well, sewer or septic, and more.

Starting at the well, we will go through your water system, taking into account the age of the system, the components of your system, and how the plumbing has been laid out. We can even share with you what the projected costs would be should your water system ever need to be replaced.