Drilling Water Wells

pic_6The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) requires that all wells must be installed by licensed contractors, with few exceptions, and must be constructed according to the requirements of current Minnesota statutes and rules. We at Fideldy Bros Well Drilling are a licensed well drilling company with three generations of experience drilling wells across northern Minnesota.

The well drilling process begins with an on-site consultation with the property owner. We will review data about the expected geological makeup of your property, discussing what type of rock we will be expecting to drill through, as well as looking at the required isolation distances from any buildings, sewer or septic systems, waterways, and more.

After the consultation the client will need to file for a permit to drill from the Minnesota Department of Health. Drilling can not begin until this permit has been obtained. Once the permitting has been approved both the client and Fideldy Bros will receive a receipt from the state.

Once the permit has been received Fideldy Bros will schedule drilling on the property. The heavy equipment will be brought in and the well is generally drilled in one day, dependent upon the geology of the area. The end of that first day should see a pipe coming out of a muddy mess.

Fideldy Bros Well Drilling works with local excavators to dig the water line to the home, trying to have the water line dug at the same time or prior to the excavators putting the sewer in place.

After the well has been drilled and the water line is in place we will hook up the water system consisting of the pump, pitless unit, and pressure storage tank with control devices that allow the system to operate automatically if the house is ready. If the well is being drilled for a new building that is not ready to have the water system connected, Fideldy Bros will come back when the structure is ready.

Once the well has been constructed two water samples will be taken one testing for arsenic and the other for coliform bacteria and nitrates. Although the results from the test only take one to two months, the attending paperwork can take as long as a year.

As the well “develops” you may experience a number of issues. Most do not pose a health problem, and we will share what we’ve found alleviates the problem.

After the completion of your well you may experience “cloudy” well. Run the water outside the building for an hour or so. This should flush the line of any dirt or sediment in the system.

Another issue can be a chlorine smell, particularly if a system has had to have any bacterial decontamination. Running the water outside should alleviate the smell.

These conditions may occur a month or so after the finishing of a well. In both cases just pumping the water outside for a bit should eliminate any issues. However if problems persist 2-3 months call us to investigate for any other causes.