Well Drilling

pic_2Fideldy Brothers Well Drilling has the skills you need for drilling most of the geology in the Northern Minnesota region. While most property in the region will have wells drilled through layers of sand and gravel, there are  areas where a person will experience either solid bedrock granite or slate. As third generation well drillers, Fideldy Bros has the experience and the equipment to get through these harder types of geology.

How deep is the well you need drilled? It varies from area to area. When you submit your address to us for a consultation we access the database of Minnesota’s geological composition. This will tell us what type of geology we can expect to drill through. It will also give us indicators for the expected depth of the water table and other topographical features that we may need to consider.

Not only does Fideldy Bros drill wells, we also perform water testing and decontamination by well chlorination.

Drilling Water Wells

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) requires that all wells must be installed by licensed contractors, with few exceptions, and must be constructed according to the requirements of current Minnesota statutes and rules. We at Fideldy Bros Well Drilling are a licensed well drilling company with three generations of experience drilling wells across northern Minnesota.

Water Testing

A properly constructed and maintained well will deliver many years of clean, clear water for your use. As wells age they may start to deteriorate, losing their ability to keep contaminants out of your water system. This is why lenders will routinely require testing when you are looking to purchase new property. It is also why the Minnesota Department of Health recommends that any private well be regularly tested to ensure your well water is safe.

Well Chlorination

Well chlorination will help clean the water after you receive word that your water testing result is positive. (Positive means that there is bacteria in your water. Negative means that your water does not contain bacteria.) It can  also help if you have stinky, sulfur-smelling water, although this is not a long term fix.