Geothermal Vertical

pic_10Geothermal Heat Exchange (GHEX) systems have the potential for significant energy savings as well as reducing the dependence on fossil fuels for heating and cooling. When considering a geothermal heat exchange system in Minnesota it is usually not practical to do the horizontal loop system found in other parts of the country. Here in north we experience frost depths of 4 to 7 feet, but even in the dead of winter the underground temperatures below 8 feet remain a constant 46 – 52 degrees F. This makes the vertical exchange system a wise choice for our area.

Geothermal Vertical Heat Exchange systems are closed-loop geothermal system where high-density polyethylene piping is installed in vertical bore holes and which circulates food-grade or USP-grade propylene glycol as the heat transfer fluid. The Minnesota Department of Health requires that vertical heat exchangers must be installed by licensed well contractors or vertical heat exchanger contractors.

Fideldy Bros Well Drilling knows that especially in Northern Minnesota the proper sizing, design, and installation are critical to vertical GHEX performance and seasonal loop field recovery.  Often by design there is summer geothermal cooling system, which allows for the rejection of heat back into the loop field between heating seasons. Our training and experience provides your home with this environmentally friendly heating system.

Trust the experts at Fideldy Bros Well Drilling to install your geothermal vertical heat exchange system