Company History

pic_3In 1958 Grandfather Fideldy was a mine driller on Minnesota’s Iron Range. With the skills he learned in the mines, he started drilling wells for people around the region. He created and built his own drillery, an old truck that had a master boom and engine on the back of it. The engine spun a drum that was attached to a rope going to the top of the boom mast to a weight he created from a filled barrel. The weight would be lifted and dropped on the piping for the well until the pipe reaches water.

Grandpa died young, but had trained his 4 sons to help with the well drilling business. After his death the sons continued to drill for people throughout the northern Minnesota region using the rig that their father had built.

In 1973 William organized the purchase a new Chicago Pneumatic Well Drilling rig after the drillery his father created was destroyed when a problem with the mechanism resulted in the weight crushing the original truck. The brothers continued with the business until 2007 when grandsons Kevin and Troy Fideldy bought their father and uncles out.

Since 1958 to present Fideldy Bros Well Drilling has continued the family tradition of drilling wells across Northern Minnesota and training the next generation of well drillers. We have the experience that comes from knowledge that has been learned over the years, while looking to the future with continued training, keeping up to date on all the requirements from the Minnesota Department of Health regarding wells and well drilling along with cutting edge technologies of the drilling industry.