About Fideldy

pic_5Wells in the northern Minnesota region are drilled through sand and gravel, solid bedrock granite, or slate. Each type of soil requires a different type of drilling equipment and technique. Fideldy Bros has the equipment needed to drill through any of these types of substrate. Our drills are large enough to handle whatever rock is found under the topsoil.

Fideldy Bros Well Drilling is a third generation well drilling company serving Northern Minnesota. Our experience living and growing up on the Iron Range in the Grand Rapids area means that we know this area. Our grandfather started the company and after his death his work was carried out by our father and his brothers. Now it is our turn.

Kevin Fideldy has his Masters degree in Plumbing and the company members regularly participate in ongoing continuing education and training provided by the Minnesota Department of Health to maintain certification in Well Management.

Fideldy Bros is building on the experience of past generations and looking to the future, training the next generation of well drillers and serving Northern Minnesota both now and in the future.